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What to Do If You Accidentally Drop Your External Hard Drive?

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Dropping your external hard drive on the floor while in a hurry if something that’s quite common, but what are the things that you can do in case of malfunctioning?


It’s implied that dropping any electronic device never turns out to be good. This is particularly true for external hard drives, otherwise called portable hard drives, and generally prompts the hard drive and necessitating data recovery service, keeping in mind the end goal to recover the useful files & information put away on it.

Recognise The Issue :

Currently, external hard drives tend to be stronger to knocks and drops compared to the ones that used to be available before in the market, however it unquestionably does not imply that they are insusceptible. Any drop or thump can cause a crash in the drive, which implies the read/write of the hard drive interacted with the platters.


Reformatting, water damage, electrical surges and even time may cause a hard drive to stop functioning properly. It is vital to distinguish what the main reason of the issue is so you can understand what should be possibly done to recover the data put away on the hard drive.

Do Not DIY :

It may not be simple, but you ought to maintain a strategic distance from the enticement of tinkering around with the hard drive in the wake of dropping it to perceive what the genuine issue is. Things such as circuit board swapping, re-dropping the drive and freezing ought not be tried and will probably make it more difficult to recoup information from the hard drive. The most prudent thing to do would be to call a reputed expert of data recovery in Bunbury.


Things You Should Do :

Don’t think that the information can’t be recuperated even in the most cataclysmic occasions. Check all sources conceivable to check whether you can find any duplicates of the data that were put away on the hard drive. Check different media types such as laptops, other hard drives, disk drives, and cloud backup solution you at present utilise or may have utilised before. Regardless of whether the documents you find are obsolete or inadequate, they might be the best option you have.


Thus, as has been already mentioned, it is best to not dabble around with a dropped external hard drive and get in touch with a professional of computer repairs in Bunbury as soon as possible. Not only would that save you unnecessary hassle, but also help you to recover your data without risking their loss. Therefore, make sure that you find a good expert who would get the job done for you at a reasonable cost.

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